Classic Force


The classic force is probably the most convincing card force you are ever going to perform.

I have had my friend show me a trick, use the classic force on me, and I still thought I'd selected a card other than the one he wanted me to select! It's completely and utterly convincing when performed well.

You spread through the deck, asking the spectator to take any card. They do, but it's the card you wanted them to pick!


How To Do It

Hold the deck in your right hand in dealers grip. Keep a pinky break above the force card, which should be in the middle of the deck, maybe a little towards the bottom.

Begin to spread the cards out onto your right hand, a few at a time. As the spectatot to take any card.

Now here's the trick; You have to time your spreading so that as their hand touches the cards, your force card is right under their finger. It's all about timing.

Also lift the cards to their finger as the card moves under their fingers, so that it touches. They won't realise.

The secret to perfecting this force is to practice on real spectators right away. When it fails, perform a trick which doesn't require a force. If it succeeds, then perform the intended trick. Pretty soon you'll be having it work all the time!