The Classic Pass


The classic pass is used by card magicians normally to bring the spectators card which they placed into the middle of the deck to the top.

It's a relatively fast move, which seems simple in principle, but takes some skill to perform properly and confidently. Failure to perfect the pass, but merely performing the basic sleight, can lead to spectators noticing the 'move' and ruining a magic trick.

The classic pass involves basically cutting the deck in two, switching the packets under the partial cover of the right hand.

The classic pass is very angle sensitive and prone to flashing, so it should be practiced in front of a mirror before performing for a live audience.


How To Do It

Hold the deck in dealers grip in your left hand, with a pinky break above the spectators card. Make sure it's quite a deep break, so your little finger is right in the gap, with your middle and ring fingers almost reaching half way across the top of the deck.

Hold the deck at the same time in biddle grip, with the tips of your fingers particularly grasping the bottom half of the deck (below the break) this is because the top half is about to move.

Using your left hand, slide the top packet of cards (above the break) to the right, under the cover of the right hand. As you do this, pivot the other packet of cards up slightly using your right ring finger. This gives the top packet more clearance to drop below it.

Drop the packet in your right hand down on top of the packet in your left hand, completing the classic pass.

The key to perfecting this sleight is to get it smooth and consistent. Misdirection can also be used to great success. Ask the spectator a question whilst looking them in the eye. As they answer, they will glance up to your face. This is when to perform the move.