Cross Cut Force


The cross cut force is a beautifully simple, yet completely convincing card force which takes hardly any time at all to master.

It involves having the spectator cut the deck at any point, you placing it into a cross, then showing the card they cut to.


How To Do It

Give the deck a couple of false cuts or shuffles and place it onto a table. Ask the spectator to cut about half of the cards from the top of the deck and place them on the table next to it.

Take pile of cards which was at the bottom and place it on top of the other pile, at a right angle, forming a cross.

Now you have to take their attention for about 5 seconds. Whilst looking at their face (they will return eye contact) say: "Ok, so I shuffled the deck, correct? and you broke the deck in half, at a random point, which I could have had no influence over, correct?" they should agree.

Lift up the top half of the deck and ask them to take the top card from the packet of cards beneath it. Ask them to memorize the card and return it to the deck. That's the cross cut force!

The secret of this force lies in the fact that when you place one packet of cards on top of the other, you're placing the bottom half of the deck on the top half, not vice versa. So they are actually selecting the top card! The misdirection prevents them from thinking too hard about it and they really wont realise.

Don't underestimate this force, it can be just as powerful as any other card force.