Difficult Card Tricks

The Amazing Switch

The Effect:
The spectator freely selects a card which is then placed between their hands, grasped tightly so you can't get to it.

You then take a card from the top of the deck and tap it on top of their hand. When you turn it face up it has changed to their card! They then open their hands to show the card from the top of the deck! They have amazingly swapped places!

The Method:
You must have two identical cards for this trick, so get one from another deck. Place the two identical cards on top of the deck and you're set to go.

Spread the cards out and ask the spectator to take any card and look at it. As they are looking at the card, palm off the top card from the deck into your right palm.

Ask them to return their card to the top of the deck and then put the card in your right palm on top of it, as you pretend to square the deck.

Double lift the top two cards, showing the card they selected, then place them back face down and take the real top card, asking them to sandwich it between their hands face down. Make sure you don't flash the card's face.

Double lift the next two cards, showing one of the double cards, then put them back down onto the deck. Lift the real top card, which unbeknown to them is actually their selected card. Wave it over their hand, stating that an amazing transition will take place and then slowly turn it face up. Their face will drop. It's their card! They will now check the card between their hands and they WILL be amazed!