Double Lift


The double lift allows you to apparrently show the top card to the spectator, but you are really showing them the card below it.

A popular use of the double lift is when you have the spectators card at the top of the deck and want them to think otherwise.

Another use of the double lift is to show the spectator a card then do something with it (maybe tear it or lose it in the deck) when in fact the card they saw is still on the top of the deck.


How To Do It

To perform the double lift, hold the deck in the dealers grip in your left hand and catch a pinky break under the top two cards.

Lift the two top cards as one with your right middle finger and ring finger at the short edge furthest away from you and your thumb on the short edge closest to you. As you pick up the cards, ensure they are aligned together perfectly by pushing the long edge slightly against the fingers of your left hand. So you're basically squaring them up before lifting them off.

As you turn the two cards upright for the spectator to see, give them a slight squeeze so that they bend, this helps the cards stay together and hides the edges.

Place the two cards back onto the top of the deck. You you are going to lift the top card up properly after this, make sure you lift it up in a similar way, to prevent suspicion.