Double Undercut


The double undercut allows you to easily bring the spectators card to the top of the deck after they have put it into the middle. It's much easier to perform than, say, the classic pass.


How To Do It

Ask the spectator to take a card and then return it to the deck.

A good method to allow them to return their card is to riffle down the edge of the deck asking them to say stop. When they do, cut the deck at that point and ask them to put their card on the bottom half. Place the rest of the deck on top.

Keep a pinky break above their card when you place the top of the deck back on top.

Take the deck in biddle grip in your right hand, maintaining the break with your thumb.

Take away a packet of cards using your right thumb and place them at the top of the deck. Don't release your right hand as you do this!

Take away the remaining cards from the break down with your left hand and place them at the top of the deck. The spectators card has now moved to the top of the deck with a seemingly innocent couple of cuts!