False Overhand Shuffle


The false overhand shuffle is an extremely convincing and easy to do false shuffle. It looks just like a normal overhand shuffle and the spectators familiarity with the overhand shuffle really makes it very convincing indeed.

It is only used to retain the top card, so it's not totally false.


How To Do It

As with the standard overhand shuffle, start with the deck in biddle grip in your right hand and pull a few cards off into your left hand with your left thumb.

Pull off a second packet with your left thumb and make sure it's about half an inch closer to you (injogged.)

Pull off more packets into your left hand, some injogged and some outjogged, so it looks like a sloppy overhand shuffle.

Use your right thumb to push up the injogged edge of the second packet dropped, so that you can take the bottom packet (originally the top packet).

Grab the bottom packet and drop it on top of the top. That's the false overhand shuffle! repeat it once more as an added convincer and you're done.