Hindu Shuffle


The hindu shuffle is a shuffle used by magicians due to its versatility. As well as shuffling the cards, it can be used to force cards and as a false shuffle.

It involves pulling packets from the top of the deck and allowing them to fall into the left hand, like the overhand shuffle, only lengthwise not widthwise.


How To Do It

Start with the cards in your right hand, with them facing down and your right hand over the top. Your thumb should be towards the bottom of the left long edge of the deck and your index, middle and ring fingers should be on the right long edge. It should resemble the biddle grip, only rotated through 90 degrees.

Bring your left hand below the deck and take a few cards from the top using your thumb and middle finger. Your index finger should touch the top short edge of the cards.

Pull the cards from the top and allow them to drop into your left hand. Repeat this until only a few cards remain in your right hand.

Drop the remaining cards in your right hand on top of the cards in your left hand to complete the shuffle.