Intermediate Card Tricks

The vanishing Card

The Effect:
You show the bottom card of the deck to the spectator and grab it in your hand to show them how sleight of hand magicians can palm cards. You then tell them how magicians can make the card completely vanish just by squeezing your hand. You then open your hand to show the card has completely vanished!

The Method:
Start off by palming a card face up (so it's face is touching your hand).

Hold the deck face up and show the bottom card to the spectator. State that magicians can palm card secretly. As you say this, place the palmed card onto the deck and pretend to awkwardly pick up a card. Try to make your hand un-naturally flat, so they'll be sure you've got a card behind it.

State that the magician can make his hand look like there is no card behind it. Ask if your hand looks natural. They'll think you're bad at magic as it's obvious you're trying to conceal a card.

Tell them that some magicians can make their hand so natural that the card looks totally invisible. Slowly open your hand to show that the card has totally vanished!

Spell It Out

The Effect:
Youspread the cards out and ask the spectator to select any card and place it back into the deck.

You give the the deck a couple of cuts and then explain to them that you're going to go spread through the deck, face up, and you'd like them to say stop when they see their card.

As you spread through the cards, you turn them face up and put them to the bottom of the deck. To the spectator's surprise, their card has vanished from the deck!

You look puzzled and hand them the deck, now face down. Ask them to spell out the name of their card by counting cards onto the table.

A-C-E-O-F-H-E-A-R-T-S Wham! Their card appears as the next card down in the deck, face up!

The Method:
Ask the spectator to select any card and then insert it back into the deck. Keep a pinky break above their card and then use your favourite method to bring it to the top. A double undercut is a favourite.

Give the deck a false riffle shuffle to keep their card at the top, using the riffle peek as you do so to peek their card.

Hold the deck face-up and explain to the spectator that you're going to flick through the cards and you'd like them to say stop when they see theirs. Now, as you take cards one-by-one into your right hand, spell out their card in your head. So the three of hearts would spell: t-h-r-e-e-o-f-h-e-a-r-t-s.

Lift away the bottom card of the deck with your left pinky (called a pinky pulldown) and place the cards you removed face-down just above the bottom card. It will look as though you've just put the packet of cards face down to the bottom of the deck.

Take another few cards from the top of the deck in the same manner and put these to the bottom of the deck, face down (actually put these to the bottom). Repeat this process until there are no face-up cards left.

Look puzzled that your spectator did not see their card, then hand them the deck and ask them to spell their card onto the table. You can even demonstrate with the first few cards, counting off "a-c-e-o-f-h-e... you get the idea..." Then replacing these to the top and asking them to do the same.

When they get to the final letter they will reach their card, face up in the deck!

2 Card Monte

This is a famous classic effect, performed by David Blaine on his DVD, 'Street Magic'.

The Effect:
You show the top card to the spectator, it's a 2 of hearts. You ask them to hold it with their index finger and thumb in front of them. You then show them the next top card, which is a 3 of diamonds. You push this between their fingers, above the first card.

You then take the first card from their fingers and ask which card they still hold. They say "the 3 of diamonds". You push the fist card back between their fingers on top of the 3 of diamonds, saying: "So the 2 of hearts is on top, and the 3 of diamonds is underneath? are you sure?" They should say yes. "So if they've changed places, would that be magic?" They nod their head.

You gesture to them to flip the card over and they are now a king of clubs and jack of spades!!!

The Method:
Before you start, you must arrange the top 4 cards of the deck. Starting from the top, set up: A low red, a black face card, a black face card, a low red.
For instance, you could have 2 Hearts, King Clubs, Jack Spades, 3 Diamonds.

Catch a break under all four top cards. Show the spectator the top card, which is the 2 of hearts, and ask them to hold it out in front of them, face down, between their index finger and thumb.

Triple-lift the top 3 cards to show the 3 of diamonds, saying "The next top card is the 3 of diamonds". Turn them back face down and place the real top card between their fingers, underneath the 2 of hearts. You can lose the pinky break now.

Take the 2 of hearts from their grasp and ask them which card they are still holding. As you ask them this, make eye contact and they will look up to your face to answer you. As they do this, switch the 2 of hearts for the top card on the deck, so you now have the jack of spades in your right hand.

Return the jack of spades to their fingers (they think it's still the 2 of hearts) under the other card. Say "So the 2 of hearts is now underneath, and the 3 of diamonds is now on top?" They should say yes. (Even if they don't they're still going to be astounded!)

Say "So if the cards had transposed, and the the 2 of hearts was now on top, would that be magic?" they'll sound unimpressed and slightly confused as they say "erm yeah, I suppose."

Gesture to them to flip the card over. An absolute mind blower!!!