The Magicians Code

 What is the Magicians Code?

The magicians code is a very brief list of rules which ALL magicians or anyone who learns a magic trick must follow.

Breaking the magicians code is not only damaging to to the art of magic and it's future potential, but it also ruins peoples enjoyment of magic.

It is up to YOU to help keep magic as exciting and fun as possible by following the magicians code.


The Code

1. Never reveal how a trick is done

One thing you must get used to is repeatedly hearing "How did you do that?". Some people will go to great lengths to find out how a trick is done. Don't be fooled. Little do they know that finding out is a HUGE anti-climax. You will lose all credibility as a magician and you'll just become 'that guy who knows a few tricks'.

2. Never repeat a trick for the same audience

The second most common question you will hear as a magician is "Show me that again". Some people even claim that they didn't see it properly. Move onto the next trick! The first time watching a magic trick they will be entertained. The second time they'll be looking for how it's being done.

3. Never perform a trick until you have rehearsed it to perfection

We've all ben so excited about a new trick that we can't wait to show people. But if you mess it up, you can't go back and that person will never get to enjoy that trick. Spend the time each trick deservess practicing until it looks good.

Practice in front of a mirror to ensure that you're not accidentally 'flashing' the method of the trick.