Overhand Shuffle


The overhand shuffle is the most widely used shuffle by card workers and laymen themselves. It's the simplest shuffle available so it is a favourite for many magicians.

The overhand shuffle basically involves taking packets of cards with your right hand and dropping them into your left hand in random order.


How To Do It

Take the deck in your right hand in biddle grip so that it's face is towards your palm.

Using your left thumb, pull off a few cards from the top of the deck, so that they fall into your left hand. You can do this without your left thumb if you prefer, by releasing your right fingers slightly, allowing the top few cards to fall into your left hand.

Repeat the process, dropping more cards on top of the cards in your left hand. Do this until all the cards are in your left hand.

You can then take the cards back into your right hand and start again. Do the shuffle a few times and you're done.