Pinky Break


A pinky break is the act of keeping a gap between cards of a deck without the spectator becoming aware.

Pinky breaks are often used to retain the position where a spectator returned their chosen card to a deck, so it can be returned to the top using a pass. They are also used below the top two cards before performing a double lift.


How To Do It

If you want to keep a break above the point where the spectator returned their card to the deck, hold the deck in dealers grip in your left hand. Flick through the cards and ask them to say stop. When they do, hold out the bottom packet of cards and ask them to place their card onto it.

Place the tip of your left little finger (pinky) slightly over the bottom right corner of the card and place the top packet of cards on top. Your little finger should slightly hold the two packets of cards apart. You may have to apply a slight pressure to the top of the deck using your left thumb to prevent the short edge furthest away from you (the edge that the spectator sees) from opening up. They should not be able to see any break in the cards whatsoever.