Pub Tricks

Test Your Strength

The Effect:
You bet a friend £5 if they can send a pool ball further down the pool table simply by pushing down on it. They try and get it about half way. You then get it to go twice as far and win their £5!

The Method:
This is a very simple yet effective way to win a fiver. Ask them to go first and maybe both have a practice go first.

When it's your turn, simply lick your thumb when they are not looking. The moisture on your thumb prevents the ball from backspinning so much, making the ball go much further!

Light a Burnt Match

The Effect:
You open a box of matches, commenting on the fact that they are all used. You then pick one up and light it!

The Method:
Before performing this trick, use a craft knife to shave away the length of a match so it looks burned, then colour in the top and thin part with a black marker. The match should now look burned out.

Plant it in a box with a few used matches in ready to take out whenever you please!

Slap Head!

The Effect:
You tell your friend that you can tell someones intelligence using a simple test.

You them get them to sit there slapping their head like an idiot!


The Method:
State that you know a simple intelligence test that you can perform with a coin.

You proceed to push a coin against your forehead so that it sticks and then slap your head until it falls off. Count the slaps, saying "Yes! I got a seven!"

Push the coin agains their forehead for a couple of seconds, then take the coin away, making sure they don't see you take it away.

As they start slapping the back of their head, count the slaps, looking impressed. After a while they may realise how stupid they look!


The Effect:
You get your friend stuck in a tricky situation which he can't get out of!


The Method:
Tell your friend that you can predict which one of his hands a coin is under, after he secretly places it there.

Place the coin on the table and ask him to place his hands palm down on the table, covering one coin.

Tell him you're going to make it harder for yourself and proceed to place a full pint of beer on each hand.

Done! Have a good laugh at him whilst he's completely stuck!