Riffle Force


The riffle force is a card force which involves riffling down a corner of the deck with your finger and asking a spectator to say stop at any point. When they do, you cut the deck at the point where your finger stopped and allow them to take the next card down.


How To Do It

Hold the deck in dealers grip in your left hand, with a pinky break above the card you want to force, which should be roughly in the middle of the deck.

Push down on the top left corner of the deck with your left thumb so that it bends the corner of the cards down. Move your thumb down further so that it starts to riffle down the corner of the deck.

As you start the riffle, instruct the spectator to say stop at any point.

When they say stop, Take the deck into biddle grip with your right hand, using your right thumb to lift all of the cards above the break. You may find it easier to slide the cards out about 1cm before lifting them up.

Ask the spectator to take the card from the top of the packet in your left hand and remember it, returning it to the deck if necessary.