Riffle Shuffle


The riffle shuffle is a very flash, convincing shuffle used often by magicians.

The deck is broken into two packets and they are spliced together.


How To Do It

Hold the deck from above in your right hand with your thumb at one short edge and your middle and ring finger at the other short edge. Your ring finger should be curled over the back of the cards, pressing in the middle.
Your middle and ring fingers should curl right round the cards just onto the face, but the thumb should only touch the end.

Apply some pressure to the back of the cards so that they bend slightly. Now release a few card using your thumb and they should flick out, being held in place by your middle and ring finger. If they fall onto the floor, you must bend your middle and ring finger round some more so they restrain the cards better.

Use your thumb to release about half of the deck. Then put your left middle finger under the cards and your left index finger into the back of them. Push the cards down, turning them over and take the short edge which was against your right middle/index finger with your left thumb.

You should now have half of the deck in each hand, both of them facing in towards the other (with their backs to your palms.)

Push your index fingers into the backs of the cards so that they are slightly bent and slowly release them with your thumbs. The cards should flick out one-by-one. You may need to practice this to get them both smooth.

Angle your hands so that when the cards are been released, they are parallel to a table and the tips of each packet are interlaced with the other by about half an inch (1cm)

Flick through all of the cards until they all lie flat to the table, their outer short ends interlaced with that of the other cards.