The Glide


The glide is a simple sleight used to keep a card at the bottom of the deck while you deal cards out from the bottom.

It can be used as a force, when the bottom card is dealt when the magician requires.

How To Do It

To perform the glide, hold the deck face down in your left hand, with your thumb against the right edge of the deck and your first, middle and ring finger on the left. Your little finger (pinky) should touch the short edge closest to you. This is similar to the biddle grip, only turned sideways.

Make sure your middle and ring fingers curl under the deck slightly, so they can easily slide the bottom card backwards slightly. Now try sliding the bottom card back about 1cm and deal out the card above it by using your right hand. (Use your right middle and ring fingers to make contact with the 1cm of exposed face of the card)

You can deal out as many cards as you like, then slide the bottom card back into place using your left little finger.